Kip McGrath Peterborough North

How long will the assessment take?

Between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the age and needs of your child.

Why carry out an assessment?

All tuition is personalised to the child. A detailed and in depth assessment is needed to ensure that a suitable programme and achievable goal is agreed upon before tuition starts.

Why is it free?

At Kip McGrath Peterborough North we believe that every child deserves top quality education and that parents deserve to know the truth about the education their child is receiving. We guarantee to give you an honest, open and truthful assessment of where your child stands academically. If we believe that your child doesn’t need extra tuition, we will say so. If we feel that your child would benefit from tuition we will say so, along with an expected timescale to achieve an agreed target for improvement. You are then free to take your child elsewhere, do nothing at all or sign up to receive tuition in our centre.

Book your free assessment at Kip McGrath Education Centres Peterborough North.

Results will be discussed with you in confidence. If tutoring is recommended,  a personalised learning programme will be created to help your child progress.

What subjects are you interested in?

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