Kip McGrath Peterborough North

Wow, what a brilliant first two months! Not only have I had great fun, meeting lots of new families and doing what I love – teaching, but also because I have now proved (with results from my own students) that what i am doing really does make a difference.

This week I re-assessed the first three students to sign up at Kip Peterborough North and the results are impressive. After only two months of tuition the oldest child has gained one year in reading age and the two younger siblings have both moved up a whole grade (equivalent to an academic year) in maths. Their mum was the first person knocking on my door to sign up after having had previous experience with a Kip Centre and no wonder. Now I can’t wait to re-assess all of my other students to see if they have made similar gains (and I suspect they have!).

Now, I would like to claim that it is because I am such a fantastic teacher, but I suspect that it may be more to do with the Kip materials and the Kip system of tuition. Kip really do know what they are doing – with 40 years of experience reflected in their teaching materials and methods. Thank you Kip!

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