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First UK TV Adverts

This is a big week for Kip McGrath Centres across UK, as our very first TV adverts started this week. I am so excited to see Kip Centres being advertised nationally and would love to hear what people think of the adverts and if they fit with their own experiences of...

Kip works! Get results!

Wow, what a brilliant first two months! Not only have I had great fun, meeting lots of new families and doing what I love - teaching, but also because I have now proved (with results from my own students) that what i am doing really does make a difference. This week I...

We are Open!

On April 12th 2016 Kip McGrath Education Centres Peterborough North opened its doors and held its first sessions.  We all had a great time and both the students and the tutors are looking forward to future sessions. Come along and join us by booking a Free...

Nearly Ready

We are nearly ready to open! The signage is all in place and the premises are newly decorated.  Just waiting for the furniture to arrive and then we will be almost ready to go. We are looking forward to welcoming our first students very soon.

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